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Massage Therapy and Kinesiology – the biomechanical advantage…

Kinesiology is the study of human physiology and anatomy as it related to movement and performance. Massage therapy is the practice of assessment and manipulation of soft tissues to promote health, prevent injury, and correct dysfunction. Utilizing the common trends through these professions, it is possible to enhance the understanding of the client’s complaints and the effectiveness of the Massage Therapy treatment.

            Every branch of healthcare has a place – manual therapies, Pharmacological, Psychological, Naturopathic and Western medicine, etc. But not all branches may be an appropriate remedy for the client’s ailment. A mutual understanding is needed between the client and the practitioner -- one of acceptance, and an open mind. The client is ultimately responsible for their own health, and the practitioner is ultimately responsible to advocate for the well-being of their client, even when it means cessation of treatment, and/or referral to another practitioner.

            Therefore, it is our professional intent to acquire new and innovative therapeutic modalities, with diverse background knowledge, in order to provide our clients with abundant treatment options.

            We are always looking to further advance our knowledge and understanding of the human body and to learn and develop leading edge therapeutic methods. Please browse through our current listing of available treatment options.