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Registered Massage Therapy

Who can receive Registered Massage Therapy?

            DeepMost everyone is able to receive Registered Massage Therapy treatments, for a very wide variety of ailments and conditions. However, there are some contraindications that may prevent certain techniques from being used during a regular treatment – for instance, open wounds (i.e. burns, cuts) should not come in contact with the oils or lubricants used during treatment that may cause infection, as well, due to drag and pull on the tissues during treatment, extra care is required to not break the skin further. Closed wounds (i.e. bruises, excessive swelling) are often painful to touch, and can sometimes indicate underlying issues or conditions that may not be apparent.

            For these reasons, this is why the Registered Massage Therapist completes their education with a significant component focused on the assessment of physiological conditions and dysfunction. Every client is required to complete a comprehensive Health History prior to their Massage Therapy treatment, and will be reviewed in front of the client during the initial assessment (and all subsequent re-assessments). During the initial assessment, the RMT asks the client about their indications on the Health History, as well as any additional information that may be pertinent to the client’s heath.


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