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1Sporting, Event, and Corporate Massage Therapy

The beauty of the Registered Massage Therapy profession is the versatility to provide services in a large number of different settings. Being able to tailor our techniques to correspond to the location and type of client allows us to be a truly mobile service – providing Registered Massage Therapy service in the group model as well as the individual.


Sporting, Athletic Events:

Sporting events are a popular location to utilize the benefits of Massage Therapy – we can assist the athlete in preparing for their event or competition, and we can also help in their recovery after exertion. Different Massage techniques are used for different outcomes. In prepping the athlete, more vigorous and dynamic movements through stretching and contracting actions will help to warm the muscles and connective tissues, as well as to prime the neural pathways from brain to muscle. Conversely, during the cool-down phase after the athlete has competed, the Registered Massage Therapist is able to assist in relaxing the muscle tissue and nervous system, allowing the athlete to recover at a faster rate. Slower and more gentle techniques promote feelings of relaxation, slowing the heart rate and neural firing, while prolonged stretching and lengthening of tissues help to prevent fluid accumulation and decrease inflammatory responses to physical stress -- thereby, decreasing tissue injury and speeding recovery.



Massage Therapy can also be utilized in the workplace to reduce pain, fatigue and elevate moods. The types of jobs that use Massage Therapy in their work environments range from office- workers, to healthcare workers, to fitness instructors and their clients, to factory workers, and more. Workers of all shapes and sizes, of all abilities and attributes, under all job-types and physical demands, can benefit from receiving Massage Therapy in the workplace setting.



Stress can manifest in many different ways in each and every person. We all react to different types of stress differently. For example, the office-worker who sits at their desk eight hours of the day fielding complaint calls faces a very different kind of stress than that of the Nurse going into the 11th hour of her 12 hour shift in a big-city emergency room. But, they are both experiencing stress.

Registered Massage Therapy has been shown to decrease the symptoms of stress and burn-out even with just 15 minute relaxation sessions during a break-time. In the grand scheme, workers who feel less stressed who are able to attain a relaxed state of mind and body, even for just 15 minutes, are able to return to their jobs, often with a clearer mind and readiness to get back to work -- promoting a better sense of well-being in the working environment.




  • Having a Registered Massage Therapy treatment in the office is a wonderful privilege – and a fantastic stress relief!
  • There are a few things to remember when booking a Registered Massage Therapist for your Corporate Event or Workshop:
  • The RMT will provide all clean linens for each treatment 
  • The RMT will also provide treatment oils/gels/lotions, if applicable.
  • Privacy – it can sometimes be an issue in the office – an empty office with a functioning door is the best option, otherwise, the RMT will provide a folding screen to aid in privacy during treatment
  • Do you need to remove clothing? – NOPE! Treatment over clothing is perfectly fine.



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