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Institutional Massage Therapy Service:

HospitableIf you’ve ever required a stay in the hospital, or any other facility away from your home, then you know how uncomfortable it can be. Hospital, Long Term Care, and Hospice stays may be a necessary part of your care or recovery, and are a highly valued service in Canada, but due to ever-expanding demands placed on Nurses and other healthcare staff, there is less and less time for one-to-one, hands-on comfort of the patient.

Institutional Massage Therapy may be the most important service option offered by Switzer Therapeutic Services – providing the sick, healing, and dying with some measure of comfort through touch is the reason why we do what we do -- to provide a comforting touch during times of profound physical and emotional healing.

Especially in the hospital setting, there is an emphasis on fast healing or recovery: get you in and get you home. We agree with this model! We believe that Registered Massage Therapy can help to provide the patient with an optimal healing environment, allowing both the patient as well as their healthcare team to focus on treating the condition that brought them in in the first place. Registered Massage Therapy has been shown to be an effective tool in reducing symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety related to hospital stays and disease diagnosis, increase sleep and quality of sleep, decrease overall fatigue, as well as decreasing perception of pain.

The Registered Massage Therapist is able to treat the hospital/LTC/hospice patient at bedside, in the wheelchair, or on any surface that suits the needs of the patient. Treatment techniques are modified or altered to accommodate the physical and emotional status of the patient. For example, the terminally ill patient in their bed may be in too much pain to move, so a gentle and very light hand massage can help to alleviate sadness and help them sleep. Conversely, the new mother who has just given birth may need a slightly deeper pressure to work out the knots in her neck from pushing during her labour.

Registered Massage Therapy is a diverse and effective tool for improving the well-being of almost all people who find themselves in a situation requiring them to heal away from home.

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