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Registered Massage Therapy and Health Insurance:

Can I use my Health Insurance?

In short, YES...


Regsistered Massage Therapy is considered a Regulated Health Profession, meaning we are able to provide our clients with official receipts that can be submitted to private insurance companies for reimbursement. But, here are a few things you need to know before proceeding:

  • At this time, Switzer Therapeutic Services DOES NOT provide direct billing -- all clients must submit their RMT receipts to their own health coverage firms themselves.

  • Official RMT receipts are given to each client at the END of the massage therapy treatment -- no receipt can be given without the completion of RMT treatment.

  • It is illegal to provide false or misleading official RMT receipts to clients, as well as for clients to submit them to insurance firms.

  • Switzer Therapeutic Services will NOT provide back-dated official receipts.


Clients wishing to utilize their private healthcare benefits are encouraged to contact their firm directly prior to commencing any billable services. Private health insurance firms have different procedures and different monetary amounts for coverage. At this time, it is the responsibility of the client to submit and redeem their own health insurnance reimbursements.  


Do you accept WSIB clients?

Yes. Lindsay is a registered WSIB provider:                  





If you have further questions about Health Insurance coverage, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Or follow the links below to your private health insurance company: