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Acute Injury Rehabilitation:

During the stages of healing following an injury, the body is capable of performing many changes to facilitate physical healing. Tissue repair (scarring), bone callus formation, inflammation to debride and clean the wound – all happen naturally within the body’s own mechanisms in an attempt to heal a fresh wound. However, sometimes the body needs help.

When the body sustains an injury, there is a set procedure that initiates in the tissues, beginning the natural cleaning and healing of the damaged tissue. However, if the tissue damage is extensive, or other factors are complicating the process, normal healing can be delayed or altered. For example, a client with a sprained ankle may have a hard time eliminating excessive swelling if they are required to be on their feet during an 8-hour working day. Also, immediately following ACL reconstructive surgery a client may be complaining of general pain and stiffness from being immobilized prior to surgery. Registered Massage Therapy is able to address these issues while considering any and all complicating factors presented.

In addition, there may be other treatment alterations with regard to managing acute injuries, including duration and frequency of sessions. During the acute phase of healing, the client may not be physically able or emotionally ready to sit through a full hour treatment.

We, at Switzer Therapeutic Services, pride ourselves on our keen assessment skills in determining the safest and most effective methods of Massage Therapy treatment.